Friday, 25 November 2011

Congrats aQilah on ur weDding (^-^) part 1

Semuaya bermula dgn hai n we became fren.. From fren we became close study fren n it develop further to sharing fren, Happy fren, Sad fren n finally i realise we r actually a very good close fren which is hard to find a replacement for.. Congratulation dearie cik aQilah, i'm so happy dat u found ur soulmate n many congratulation to u.. I do hope our frenship will everlasting bcoz we < liNda.. JaJa.. Maria> love u so much~ c®

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I think i might like k-pop????
soalan: adakah itu normal, hehehe
hmm x tau sejak bila kadang2 leh layan bila dengar  lagu korea ni, ok i memang a big fan of music, like million of people kat luar tu.. i enjoy all kind of music x kisah lah pe genre pon asalkan best mesti akan layan...
cume semenjak dua menjak ni bila dgr lagu korea je mesti akan ada 1 feeling ni yang buat u rasa nak smile...
soalan : why they make me smile?
maybe its due to their look or their catchy dance moves... hmmmm i dont know since i never even give a tought bout it as i dont even bother 'previously la' hehehe... but sume tu da change n now i've broaden my k-pop liking from just adore their sweet, melow, nangis2, funny2 drama in addition wif their hansome n cute actor & actrecess to now i might consider to like its music as well lah weeeeeeee :)
p/s: klu rajin jom kita g layan 'Super Junior' kat you tube. letsssss sing people... tp yang ada sebutan omputih je la sbb x tau pronounce korea cam ne :p