Thursday, 24 October 2013

'Anak2 zaman baru 2013'

I'm writing this in the middle of midnight... 1.oo am exactly..

i just cant cope with kids, its very difficult especially when u cannot handle them... aaaaaghhhh sometimes i do pity my aunty for her child behavior, they just hmmm out of control, word of advise can't hold them anymore...

i dont know n very confused now... i really want them to behave like others.. ya like kids with manner n who listen to people who they seldomly see... i refer to me la, hahaha :p

kids please behave... please... please... "ya Allah kau tolong lah lembutkan hati adik2 sepupu ak ni.. semoga mereka menjadi insan yg baik dan beretika"

person who unable to bear anymore :(


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I just hate them...

Money can buy anything!! no i dont think so...

Yes betul money can solve things but temporary je.. kalau kau x bersyukur everything akan back to normal, they just dont appreciate u... solution nya kita kn blk pd Allah coz our destiny is set by Allah jd berdoa je semoga kita dapat yg terbaik n yg tbaik tu dtg dgn cepatnya ~amin ya rabbal alamin

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Puasa oh puasa...

Assalamualaikum.. haiii blog much2 love blog, sori lama x visit u. hehehe x de mood nak karang ayat...

nway2 lets karang2 sementara rajin ni, i nak cite pasal my mission nak makan chicken grill kat station 21 bangsar tu.

Alangkah hampanya bila smpi sana kedai tutup... afta so long ngidam nak makan bole plak ari ni dia tutup..

x pe2 i switch to plan B, lets go to pantai dlm makan sup yg femes tu n guest what?? kedai tu TuTup gak....

tadaaaaa.... ting tong... why2... why la all the place i p tutup, esok pose ni so teringin nak makan mcm2 nih...

walaumacam mana pun, since da ada kat foodcourt pantai dlm tu we all singgah je makan kat restoran tomyam, since no chicken grill nor delicious sup for me i end up makan tomyam for sahur smbil2 tgk samarinda.. ok la i'm hepi gak la..

Beshnya Ramadhan da menjelma.. bln penuh keberkatan n kebaikan, i'm hepi Allah still bg peluang tuk jumpa ramadhan taun ni plus my birthday pon dkt2 dgn date pose so i celebrate double the happiness..

Ramadhan kareem :)

P/S : plz forgive typo error if any :p

mE :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Its a girl things ;)

I wonder y my heart so at ease today? . Hmmm maybe its bcoz afta hormon cycle, u all know the . Afta 7 years of observation, i discover this effect was all cause by girls hormon... hehehe :p . Yes part of the things that set my heart at ease is due to that > hormon = 1 happy . & the fact that i did not saw my bos face today has made it even better = 1 happy . so lets do simple math equation :- . hormon + no bos = 2 happy @ hapinesss . yeayyyy genius am i? hehehe

Saturday, 13 April 2013

working mE :)

hehe 1 lagi entry yg x bermakna... today 13-4-13, ari sabtu yg indah ni ak telah merajinkan diri utk datang kerja kat opis nih... hehe

well setiap kerajinan mestilah ada sebabnya kan? so alasan ak dtg ari ni ialah nak settlekan proposal paper yg banyak tu n dgn harapan cuti ak pon akan di-approve kan dgn mudahnya... muahahaha :p

owhhh, our lunch today would be kfc, n guest what kfc promote new menu called k- pop chicken... apada x de menu lain ke.. cesss

till then bubyeee people :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My first Pandora

Ok since kita percaya at least must have 1... 1 je, so ak mempraktikkan mesej itu...

muahahaha :p

Thursday, 14 March 2013

My 1st gadget :)

Gadget yg paling canggih ak pernah beli is in 2006... Apakah itu???

Its my acer laptop, my 1st laptop where i purchase using my JPA scholarship (oh tQ gomen) :)

Lepas tu ak ada 3 laptop baru tp sume pakai kejap je then pas kat adik2 since dorang lagi memerlukan laptop baru kan.. Yg kekal ngan ak laptop ni je, hehe ni pon after modal few hundred ringgit utk tukar few component.. Nway its as good as new now wlpn screen dia kabur ckit, hehe maklumlah laptop lama...

Paling penting ia mmg memudahkan hidup n sgt berjasa pd ak...

With my s2 & my acer with mE... My online spree has been made easy :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Resolution progress :)

Hehe.. Nampaknya wish tuk bc byk buku da ada progress. Wlpn pon buku ni buku lama, n once upon a time ak penah claim buku ni x best skrg ak tarik blk &...

My review for this book is sgt menarik not like other tipical love story n i like it so much...

Looking forward nak beli sequal buku ni Cinta Sang Ratu :)

Till then bubye...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wise words 1 :)

"Marriage is a journey and not a destination so enjoy it"

X ingat dgr kat mana tp its a good things to share here....

Hello Feb'13 :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Disable moDe

I am lost... Totally...

Y am i saying this is bcoz it this very moment i just can't think what is my path, what is actually my future??

I can't see anything straight right now, i hate uncertainty, i hate when i am not sure.. I hate being left alone.. I hate feeling without fren, i just hate it..

I really need good news now to help me ease this bad feeling i felt..
Yaightsss what happen to me??

Oh Allah please lend me strength to overcome this :(

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lets just be ourself... Another bedtime story :p

U shud be urself right.. Y need to pretent to be others when u hv your own character...

But somehow other people and the enviroment tend to effect our behavior... At least that what i think, hehehe :p

Ok the point is mE spend most of my time in the office, where i shud act professionally, but most of the time i just be me no acting one which make me happy rather then being serious which often lead to tense n migrain... Hahaha :)

So is it possible to act professional and be happy at the same time?? hmm i dont know.. Can anybody show me how to do that??

Can i find this on google? Hmm i shud try to google this, tp esok lah kot sbb da lewat ni...

P/s : jgn biarkan hidup anda diselubungi misteri, carilah jwpnnya dgn tulis kat blog ini.. Hehehe

Till then, bubye :)

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hello 2013...

Assalamualaikum, hai n hello peps...

2013 entry akan dimulakan dgn review makan... Hehehe where my resolution to lost weigth once again lead to failure :p nvm it still early kan2...

due to my high desire to taste food this time it lead me to this Dubu2 reataurant kat mid valley...

Due to overwhealming respond of k-drama n k-pop nowdays kan.. Businessman kat malaysia ni amik kesempatan tuk buka korean food restaurant kat cni n guest what the respond was quite good sbb dia berjaye memanggil ak yg ni utk taste food kat cni...

Ok if u ask me i would say the taste is not so bad, korean food ni ada rase masam2 n pedas yg x keterlaluan... So ak bg 3.5 out of 5 point to the taste n 5 point to the enviromentnya sbb dorang pasang vedio konsert yG kat cni so kita bole enjoy bigbang peformance while enjoying the food.. 
Ok peps here the food that we eat n the price it cost us...

P/s : ak mmg x pandai la nk adjust entry ni bg cantik so terimalah seadanya... Hehehe