Thursday, 24 October 2013

'Anak2 zaman baru 2013'

I'm writing this in the middle of midnight... 1.oo am exactly..

i just cant cope with kids, its very difficult especially when u cannot handle them... aaaaaghhhh sometimes i do pity my aunty for her child behavior, they just hmmm out of control, word of advise can't hold them anymore...

i dont know n very confused now... i really want them to behave like others.. ya like kids with manner n who listen to people who they seldomly see... i refer to me la, hahaha :p

kids please behave... please... please... "ya Allah kau tolong lah lembutkan hati adik2 sepupu ak ni.. semoga mereka menjadi insan yg baik dan beretika"

person who unable to bear anymore :(