Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Its a girl things ;)

I wonder y my heart so at ease today? . Hmmm maybe its bcoz afta hormon cycle, u all know the . Afta 7 years of observation, i discover this effect was all cause by girls hormon... hehehe :p . Yes part of the things that set my heart at ease is due to that > hormon = 1 happy . & the fact that i did not saw my bos face today has made it even better = 1 happy . so lets do simple math equation :- . hormon + no bos = 2 happy @ hapinesss . yeayyyy genius am i? hehehe

Saturday, 13 April 2013

working mE :)

hehe 1 lagi entry yg x bermakna... today 13-4-13, ari sabtu yg indah ni ak telah merajinkan diri utk datang kerja kat opis nih... hehe

well setiap kerajinan mestilah ada sebabnya kan? so alasan ak dtg ari ni ialah nak settlekan proposal paper yg banyak tu n dgn harapan cuti ak pon akan di-approve kan dgn mudahnya... muahahaha :p

owhhh, our lunch today would be kfc, n guest what kfc promote new menu called k- pop chicken... apada x de menu lain ke.. cesss

till then bubyeee people :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My first Pandora

Ok since kita percaya at least must have 1... 1 je, so ak mempraktikkan mesej itu...

muahahaha :p